Your Autism Checklist

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Here is your autism check list.

Note that every child is unique and will have a unique set of symptoms which range across the spectrum of mild to severe.

This autism check list should be used as a guide only. If your child seems to display at least half of these symptoms, please get in touch with your health visitor or paediatrician and ask for a check to be made with a view to a diagnosis.

It may take a significant amount of time to get a diagnosis, as it may take many visits to a psychologist or specialist pediatrician to get the information needed to warrant a diagnosis.

This could take longer if your child’s symptoms are mild.

This autism check list will cover a Triad of Impairment



Social Integration

Your Autism Checklist


Little or no eye contact or intense staring.

Prefer to be alone-seems isolated or in a world of their own.

May appear to be deaf

Innapropriate laughing and giggling.

Difficulty mixing with peers

Unable to read non verbal social cues, body language, facial expressions etc


Odd stilted speech

No speech

Echolalia- repetition of words or phrases that they have heard, either imiediate or delayed.

May point or take you to desired objects rather than use speech.

May only want to speak about a special interest or object


Odd repetetive play – lining up cars, intricate puzzles, taking objects apart, and only playing with parts of the object

Innapropriate attachments to one or two objects.

Little imaginitive play.

Other symptoms to go into this autism checklist would be:

Apparent insensetivity to pain.

No real fear of danger.

Hate any changes to routine.

Problems with toilet training.

May be overactive or underactive.

Will spin objects

May walk on toes, spin and handflap

Can be hypersensetive to touch, sound, textures and tastes.

May be aggressive to themselves and others.

On this autism checklist I should note that, some children may appear to be developing normally and then regress.

There may be developmental delays across the board although there can be an area in which your child excels such as math or art.

Early Intervention is essential for these children to develop to their best, so if you are concerned push for a test and keep pushing until you are happy. A mothers instincts are generally good.