Your dog can live up to five years longer with good dental health

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Dental health and dog health care advice is just as important for our dogs as it is for us.  Would you ever go years without going to the dentist for months without brushing your teeth?  It is our responsibility to take care of them and to make sure that they are healthy.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us never think about the task of brushing their teeth, therefore serious consequences can occur from neglected teeth and gums.  We are familiar with the term “gingivitis” and of course we know what cavities can do, but much more serious complications such as kidney disease, diminished lung function and heart conditions can also result.

The habit of brushing your dog’s teeth needs to start early.  Consider the following:

1.  Choose healthy treats for your dog.  Many treats help brush away plaque.  Be sure to read labels.  Treats that are low in sugar have an obvious advantage for dental health and dog health care advice.

2.  Provide toys that also help to clean the teeth when your dog chews.  Many toys have a mint flavor or special features that are meant to help with the dental health of your dog.   Play time can be healthy!

Your dog can live up to five years longer with good dental health

3.  Brush their teeth regularly at home. They love it!  Even a couple times a week will make a big difference.  They especially love the chicken flavored “toothbrushes” that you slip over your finger.  Yum!  This type of product is also less intimidating for both dog and owner over an actual toothbrush.

4.  Bad breath can be a sign of tooth decay and gum disease.  Chances are that your dog is already experiencing pain if you notice this symptom.  They need your help.  Get annual oral exams and dental cleanings for your dog.  Your vet can advise you on any developing condition.

Your vet will routinely examine your dog’s teeth, starting when they are puppies.  In the case of older dogs that have not had regular brushing, your vet can clean their teeth under general anesthesia.  This can be a good time for you to begin making brushing part of your one-on-one time with Fido!

Keep in mind, with these guidelines for dog dental care and dog health care advice your dog can live longer! In fact, you can add up to five years to your dog’s life with proper dental care.  We hope that these tips will motivate you to start a program of loving dental intervention so your dog will be able to live a healthy, happy life.