Your dream house

The dream house or building say a lot about how you feel about yourself or about a current situation in your life. Is the house in your dream huge and grand with many great rooms? You probably also feel fantastic about yourself and that you have loads of talents that you can exploit (the great rooms).

Or was your dream house in ruins? You probably feel that something in your life has been destroyed. Lisa dreamed that she was walking around in a city of ruins after her divorce. In the dream she was worried about her children, but they turned out to be safe and sound in the one house that hadn’t been completely destroyed. This dream tells a lot about how Lisa felt about breaking up her marriage. Her whole life was ruined and she was worried about the effect on her children. But it also told her that despite how she felt she was still “intact” and capable of taking care of them. The children wouldn’t be harmed.

Your dream house

Is your dream house open or closed? Or maybe it’s just one room that is locked off? What’s behind that door? What are you trying to hide, both from yourself and everyone else? Where is the key to that locked door? Or maybe someone is breaking in, not even bothering about a key? Who?

Susan dreamt that a friend was sleeping in the entrance of her home. Two foreigners, that she didn’t know, entered the house and made themselves at home, and she felt really angry about having them there. In real life her friend is a police man, and Susan realized that in the dream he symbolized a guardian who didn’t do his job. When Susan had the dream she was ill from an infection in an operation wound. The doctor and hospital staff hadn’t been “on guard” and had let the foreigners – the virus – enter her body. Naturally she felt very angry about that.

The kitchen is often called “the heart of the house”. How’s the condition of the kitchen/heart in your dream house? Is it a mess? Is it crowded? Are you cooking for one man or two?

Talking about several men in your heart reminds me of Julie’s dream. Julie is an architect and dreams a lot about constructing houses. Now she dreamt that she was building one roof over two houses. On the outside the house didn’t look very nice, but on the inside it was all lovely pink and filled with crystals. In reality Julie had an affair with two men – and building a roof over two houses probably was an indication of her trying to fit them both under her roof. Well, having two lovers doesn’t really look good, does it? But the lovely pink and all those crystals certainly was an indication that it feels god!

The bedroom is where we put someone to sleep or to rest. Who’s sleeping in the bed in your dream home? Or maybe you find yourself entering the bedroom of your childhood? Why? What’s resting there from you was a child? Who or what has been put to sleep?

Your dream house

The bathroom is where you clean yourself. Who needs to be washed? Are the pipes in order or are there any leaks – they can refer directly to the physical condition of your body. Are you trying to flush something away in the toilet? What? Or are you in the bathroom in your dream house looking at yourself in the mirror? How do you see yourself? And why did you choose the bathroom mirror to look at yourself – did you need to wash yourself or cover your face with make up?