Your dream journey

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Your dream journey by car, bus, train or plane say a lot about how you feel your life’s journey or the way towards a specific goal is going.

What kind of car are you driving? Are you speeding a long in a fast Ferrari? Bet things are going well for you! But does the speed excite you or scare you? Can you hardly start the old wreck of a Volkswagen, not to mention get over the hill? Ouhh…that doesn’t sound too good. You must be tired and lack motivation. Is your dream journey taking you up a steep mountain or down a long, easy-going lane? Do you manage to keep on the road or do you end up in the ditch? Do you find your way or do you get lost?

Your dream journey

And who is behind the wheel and in control? Maybe you find yourself in the passenger seat, and leave the driving and decisions to someone else. Who? Maybe you’re even in the backseat? If you drive yourself, how do you feel about it? Confident? Scared? In charge? Plain happy?

If you travel by train in your dream journey it means that you have to follow the rails, and basically go where the authorities has decided the train should go. Here you follow the common track. Your dream journey takes you in the same direction as many other people. Who are you with on the train? And how do you feel about the trip? Do you want to jump off? Do you try to open the doors, but can’t? Or are you happily riding along? Did the train derail? Did that scare you are where you happy about it? Are there many wagons on the train? What’s in the wagons? Are there luggage there that follow you on your dream journey?

Mary dreamt she was driving a fast car on the train rails – in the opposite direction of the train. She took a quick turn to the side as the train approached, then continued on in opposite direction. She felt very excited, happy and alive on her dream journey. In reality Mary is married to a solid, though a bit boring guy, and lives a rather conventional life. She has long wanted to change her life around and do something more exciting and untraditional, but is a bit scared. This dream journey showed her that she’d be just fine traveling in the opposite direction of everyone else!

Most of us feel great having a dream about flying. You’re virtually in the sky and the sense of freedom is tremendous. Traveling by plane is the fastest way to get somewhere. You’re above everyone else. Dreaming about flying can reflect an inner desire about getting higher in life, about reaching the sky. In one of the dreams she had about her boss they were taking off from a skyscraper roof in a helicopter.

Your dream journey

Sometimes flying dreams can be out of body experiences. In one period of my life I was dying to have an out of body experience. I read a lot about it and followed all the advice I got. Though I never really managed to be aware of the whole process I had several experiences that I just knew was out of body traveling. One that I especially enjoyed was a trip over Afghanistan – in an American airplane. I was there, just behind the pilot’s neck and had the most fantastic sunrise view of barren reddish mountains and vaste plains.

While your body is asleep your soul often takes a trip on her own. This make you feel like just a “being” with no body. You move in tremendous speed, often over landscapes that you can recall in detail when you wake up. Sometimes you’ll find yourself returning to the same place again and again. Maybe you know someone there or lived there yourself in a former life? When you work with your dreams you’ll recognize clearly the difference between a dream journey and an out of body experience.