Your Dream Wedding

A dream wedding is like a wedding in real life: A union of male and female principles. Basically you can say that a dream wedding is about balancing your male and female sides.

Read Astrids dream about a wedding and the interpretation:

Astrid dreamed that she married her real life husband. The ceremony took place by the river in her home town (that she in real life had moved away from many years ago). She felt very happy and content in the dream. The area by the river bank was green and lush and the river was running calmly.

Your Dream Wedding

She had the dream at a point where she had recently started in a new job, after several years where she had been home with the children and only done freelance, part time jobs. The dream reflected the satisfaction she felt in real life finally being back in a career she loved. The male principle to her was symbolized by her career, while the female principle by being a mother. Astrid felt that she had got the ideal combination. This is reflected by the happiness she felt. Also by the river being calm (water symbolizes often our feelings – no stormy ocean here!). The fact that the ground was lush and green symbolizes the fertility of what she was doing. And being back in her home town further symbolizes that she is back home with herself, where she belongs. So for Astrid the dream wedding just confirmed her feelings that she’d finally got it right – the balance between being a mother and a career woman.

What does YOUR dream mean?

To understand what your dream wedding means you need to look closely at what the female and male principles means to you. If you don’t have children obviously the mother aspect isn’t important. And the male principles doesn’t necessarily has to indicate a job or a career, but can indicate other, traditional male principles, like for instance courage, bravery and strength.

A dream wedding can also say something about how you look upon a certain relationship or a certain union of male and female principles. A few months before her daughter’s wedding a mother went to sleep in a bed that had a mosquito net above it. In the night she dreamed that her daughter’s wedding dress was the mosquito net and that the daughter couldn’t get out of it. Also, the daughter was very upset because she had spilled something red on the chest that she couldn’t remove.

This dream indicated the mother’s feelings of the upcoming wedding: That the daughter was literary caught in the net, that she couldn’t get out of it and that she would be hurt (the red=blood, on her chest=heart). Actually, the mother’s instinct was right. The couple went through with the wedding, but split up shortly afterwards.

Your Dream Wedding

Daydreams become nightdreams

Sometimes a dream while you sleep is also what you daydream about. That certainly counts for a dream about getting married. You might want to get married, but haven’t found Mr.Right. Or you have found Mr.Right and can’t wait to marry him! Your unconsciousness can simply give you this wonderful dream just to be nice to you. If you have a crush on Benicio del Toro (I just needed an excuse to put his photo on the site) you can at least get a dream wedding with him.