Your Emotional Health – Change is Good

An important element of your emotional health is the ability to change. In order to be emotionally healthy, you have to be an active participant in your life, and that means making changes when it’s for your good, and being able to take changes that are out of your control.

As tough as it is to change, it’s tougher yet to stick to it. If you go on a diet, at your first weak moment a jelly doughnut will appear. If you kick out the moocher who’s been devouring your groceries and insulting your housekeeping, he’ll show up and announce that he’s changed, he has a job, and he promises to be good. If you decide only to date quality men, your first lonely weekend may convince you never to have another, even if it means going out with men you don’t even like. But if you don’t keep your goals in mind and stick to your decisions, you will never have the life you want.

In order to make a lasting change for the better in your life, you have to take care of your emotional health. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you’ll be susceptible to temptation, and if temptation gets the better of you, you’ll never be able to break free.

Your Emotional Health   Change is Good

Realize that your emotional health is valuable. Without it, you’ll be pulled around by your feelings about your life, making impulse decisions and then wondering later how things got so screwed up. You can change, and what’s more, you have to. Life is change and unpredictability. It’s time to break free from the unhappiness and stagnation in your life and take care of your emotional health.

When you are trying to change your life for the better, temptations will crawl out of the woodwork to stop you. To get past them and on to the next, better phase of your life, use these tips:

1. Find out who your real friends are, and gather real support – buddies you can call if you’re feeling weak. Make sure they know your plan and will encourage you to stick to it rather than give up.

2. Remove temptation – if it’s junk food, don’t buy it. If it’s a person, change the locks, don’t take calls, just cut him off. If it’s a place that always triggers a bad decision, don’t go there.

3. Pamper yourself – find something safe to reward yourself with. Bubble baths, pedicures, and a good book never hurt anyone. The point is that you take care of yourself emotionally so that temptation will have a harder time getting in.

Your Emotional Health   Change is Good

4. Cut out pictures of your goals and post them somewhere prominent. Imagine how good you will feel after you reach them. When you do reach them, treat yourself to something really nice.

5. Substitute healthy habits for bad ones – nobody can replace a bad habit with nothing. If your usual weekend routine ends with you “hooking up” and then regretting your choice, rent some movies, invite your girlfriends, and stay in. If every morning you eat a sticky bun from the vending machine for breakfast, pack a breakfast the night before and take it with you. (Just about anything is healthier than a sticky bun.)

Remember, if you aren’t happy with the way your life is, that’s a clear sign that you need to change something. Decide what needs to change and how to change it, and stick to the change. It only takes about 22 days to adopt a new habit – you can stick it out that long, and after that, your new habits, new life, and new happiness will be easy for you. And if your changes don’t bring you a better life, try something else. You are meant to be a happy, healthy person with a fulfilling life. It’s not a pipe dream – it’s really possible. You just have to make up your mind and stick to it. Your emotional health is counting on it. Remember that your emotional health also depends on all the other aspcts of your health

Your Emotional Health   Change is Good