Your Fabulous Home – Decorating and Feng Shui Ideas

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Here you’ll find my decorating and feng shui ideas for your home. Implementing the principles of feng shui in your home is a great way to create a beautiful, warm home where you just love to chill out, relax or have friends and family visiting.

Whether your home is small or big you want to make sure it’s just as fabulous as your life!

Your Fabulous Home   Decorating and Feng Shui Ideas

Maybe you dream of moving, getting a bigger or better home. Blessing and taking loving care of the home you already have will help you get there. That way you demonstrate to the Universe that you really appreciate what you already have been given – which open up the channel for more good coming in! And of course, creating a treasure map, a collage with pictures of your dream home will also help you getting there.

But right here, right now, start with what you got!

You might want to use the feng shui colors to improve the energy of your whole house or use the feng shui principles to create a relaxing, comfortable bedroom. And check out how to find feng shui symbols that works for you.

Clutter can turn the most fabulous home into a stressful place.

Your Fabulous Home   Decorating and Feng Shui Ideas

Did you know that the ancient Greek goddess Hestia was the goddess of the home? If you are a domestic goddess it might be well that your goddess within isHestia. At least she can inspire you to turn your house or apartment into a home!

And if your are not a domestic goddess you’d definitely want to read my advice on how to keep your house clean.