Your Family, Your Fitness Circle

Form the family fitness circle, why and how awareness, information and implementation as a unit are your seeds to success! Creating a family fitness circle is the seed to better family health. Other factors such as diet, nutrition and rest are equally important but our focus here will cover the exercise factors.

We have all heard the news about the declining health of adults and children alike, some of you have heard about ways of fighting back. I’m going to add to your fight! First by adding to your awareness about how to get the family motivated and involved in some kind of exercise or sport. I’m going to provide information on what’s out there and available to your family fitness circle. And of course I will help to implement a program with your particular needs in mind.

You know how it is, you come home from work a bit beat and the kids are either playing video games or watching T.V.. You tell them T.V. rots the brain and to go outside and play, get off the couch and get some exercise, this sounds like the right thing but not if deep down inside it’s because their in your spot, watching your T.V., (someplace which you want to be). Don’t get me wrong, this is fine if it’s a short lived period to rewind.

It’s extremely difficult to motivate the kids with actions of couch time all the time! You remember that old saying “Do as I tell you, not as I do!” It didn’t work on you and it’s not going to work here either. Often all that happens is now your child is sitting somewhere else doing whatever! Now with that thought in mind where going to focus first on you the parent or family member who desires family change and needs information, the team leader.

Your Family, Your Fitness Circle

You are already ahead in this fitness adventure but remember it’s not the destination but the journey which counts here!

Keep these keys, lock them up in your brain but open them frequently.

Step one of course is the taking of action and seeking out of information which you are all ready doing here and now, continue to seek information always as new facts are discovered and old myths dissolved.

OK back to you, “why”, this is the all powerful “why”, if the why isn’t strong enough all the information on this planet wouldn’t be sufficient! Think why am I considering this approach to my family’s health? Try to go deep with your why; just simply stated for family, love or general health is just scratching the surface. The real why, is a deep why, it’s an enormous force of self-motivation, so powerful that’s its easily transferable to others, which is what you’ll soon be doing with the other members of the newly created family fitness circle.

Take an hour, a day, or even a week or so to bring into consciousness you’re deep why. Now read your feelings as to why you must do something differently with your family’s health. Let’s say at first you come up with, “I just want to improve our health”, ok it’s a start but did deeper. Maybe you’re afraid of an aliment which runs in the family history and that’s why you’re fortifying your family’s strength and health!

Perhaps you’re aware of relatives or close friends who seem to have an energetic family fitness circle. They’re always on the go, doing things together, moving here and there etc

Wouldn’t you like to see your family in this light, fine, learn more here first and then when you’re teams ready maybe you could join there team! (This is just an idea, one of many possibilities).

You might say “I just want to help my family”, great, and you shall, but why? I know this may sound silly but the fact is we’re bringing out into consciousness special specific reasons why we want to help out family! Later these specific reasons why we want to help our family can become a limitless source of motivation, (more on that in a bit), the spark that ignites and drives our purpose!

How about love, here’s a diamond, this particular term is itself limitless, so finding specifics in love should also be limitless! Love to me combines and holds all reasons and is the greatest motivator which I know of and is the most pleasant to refer to when a spark is what you need.

Let me reiterate, the why is all important, all powerful in the creation of personal change. Look deep with-in yourself, feel the power and unleash it with your why. Anyone who has had any success will tell you it’s the why which has made changes possible.

Well we got the why and you going now let’s dig a bit into motivation . Now you’ve found many whys and reasons you wish to experience change and the creation of the family fitness circle. Anything which you may have come up with I would consider always motivators. I call them always motivators because most likely they will always be the same, even for a lifetime!

Let’s look into what I refer to as present motivators. Simply put these are feelings or situations we are experiencing now, which we can use to motivate our present fitness training session or event! Here’s were I fan out my feeling and pick one I’m really intense about, it can surely be love, or an event like a reunion, but it can also be anger!

Anger as a present motivator, of course, if something has you a bit perturbed, transfer the energy potential into fierce motivation which sparks fierce concentration and feeds your push! You can gain higher elevation with any source of energy even negative energy. Note here that this is of singular use; every family member in the family fitness circle participates with their very own present motivations. Don’t try to get everyone to join in on an angry fitness training session, it just wouldn’t work well, but everyone should be made aware of alternate sources of present motivations and that the bounty to be had could be great, especially when emotions run high, so use’ em, but with care!

Alright your challenge now is to help your family see the light, by explaining your intentions and your why’s. To help them discover their own whys and their own always motivators and to make them aware of the use of present motivators.

The family fitness circle lives and all are aware of your intentions. Everyone has reason and purpose their highly motivated and ready for action, what’s the next step?

Talking as a unit, because now your moving forward as a group entity with your unified whys driving your purpose. In your group discussion you should touch on any activity which brings raises interest to any member, all of course have equal weight and importance, even if a small girl suggest dance class and the boys cross their eyes. There will be many possibilities and many different interests in any family fitness circle.

If you just primarily want your family to become more active, then fine let them go in different directions like (baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, dance, martial arts, gymnastics or whatever), because they will still come up with the same desired results, the family fitness circle purpose, “better health and quality of life”!

If you prefer to be a group in action, well then, the group discussion will have to lead to a common ground, something everyone is comfortable with and can in fact participate in. I suggest you explore this list it maybe of some help and will give you some ammo to fire off during your group discussion. I also need to mention that you can mix singular favorites with group events; this can help to keep things fresh!

These are just a few genuinely purposeful ways to start off your family fitness circle on its permanent way to health and happiness through a long quality and fruitful life!

I hope I was of some help to you on your quest for information! I wish you great success as the team leader in your family’s fitness circle.

By Jettic Ram of EZE-TONE