Your First Accessories Should Be A Leash And Collar

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Inexpensive accessories like a nylon collar and leash will do the trick for your small puppy. As they grow you will need to buy several before they stop; nylon is not too expensive. Puppies like to chew. Save that pretty leather one for when they are out of their chewing stage.

I don’t use retractable leashes on my dog’s. They are too small. I wouldn’t want to hurt their neck. The collars I buy fit up to 3 inches more than they need at first. These collars and coupler  are essential items for your small dog. There are many kinds of accessories like sweaters, boots, raincoats, hats, bows and ribbons, nail polish, cologne sprays and dog strollers to choose from. There are several collars just for decoration and picture taking. Whatever collar and leash you get make sure your dog has the proper fit. A collar too small could choke your dog. Never pull on the leash as you could break your dogs neck.

Your First Accessories Should Be A Leash And Collar

How To Put A Leash and Collar On Your Dog

Start by putting you dogs collar on and try to feed your puppy. He or she might scratch at first but the food will distract them. Leave it on for a few minutes to see how they handle it. Increase wearing time every day.

Now try to hook the leash on. They will jump, pull away, and as you lead them they will drag a little. This will stop in 20 minutes or less. Don’t give up. You want to be in control of your puppy, not the other way around. Make it fun give praise. If you praise with treats you will have to do this forever. Your dog will associate treats as a command well done. If you stop giving treats they will think they did not do as you asked. They will often quit doing commands for you. I don’t praise with treats. I give voice or pat praise.

Never take your puppy out side with out their tags, collar, and leash. They run real fast. Cars go fast too.