Your Golf Vacation Bargain Guide

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Slash Airline Costs

1. Check online shortly after midnight(time where airline headquarter) this is when airline’s re-load reserved, but not purchased, seats

2. Check airlines announcing a sale on fares to a particular destination. Many times, additional airlines will also offer discounts.

3. Check last-minute bargain weekend fares. Start checking on the Wednesday ahead. Smarter Living will e-mail you fares from your city every Thursday.

4. Check flying into alternative airports i.e.: Going to Pebble Beach-check San Francisco and San Jose or trip to Colorado, check Denver and Colorado Springs.

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Golf Resort Bargains… Yes, even top four and five star resorts have bargains…

Keep an eye on websites of resorts you’re considering Check out packages-accommodations and golf and spa packages Consider “off season” visits for reduced rates-for example, The Broadmoor, a five-star resort in Colorado Springs, offers 50% discounts from summer rates on lodgin/resort packages in October. Still a great time to visit and play golf. Keep an eye on this website and sign up for my newsletter—when I discover discounts at Top-Notch golf resorts, I’ll pass the news on to you!

Your Golf Vacation Bargain Guide

Rental Car Tips and Tricks…

Please,please,please… make sure the vehicle you rent is large enough! Compare rental fees-don’t forget all the add-ons like collision damage wavier, increased liability, additional driver, drop-off charges, airport taxes Check your credit card. Make sure it covers the collision damage waiver.

Top-Secret to Rock-Bottom Golf Vacations…

If you’re writing the check for your Golf Vacation, make sure it’s a business expense and tax deductible-as much of it as possible-Airline, lodging, green fees, meals, rental car

How? Pursue your Passion!

Make your hobby and interests a business!