Your Guide To Low Fat Cooking

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What You Need

Steam Cookers Are The Go

Low fat cooking becomes a snap when you just alter a few of your cooking habits. If you like your vegetables and meat cooked in oil or fat, try cooking in a steamer.

Fish is a good example of meat that tastes great steamed and makes excellent low fat diet food. Most vegetables also retain more of their color and vitamins if they are steamed.

Your Guide To Low Fat Cooking

Use A Non Stick Frying Pan

When I want to fry something, I use my trusty Teflon frying pan. In the past I have not been a great fan of the teflon pans, but now that they are more robust and don’t tend to chip the teflon as easily, I am not as reluctant to use them.

So when I want to do some low fat cooking, I get out the non stick frying pan (and yes, that is really MY teflon frying pan).

When cooking eggs or even meat, I add a little water to soften and add a little moisture to the food. I find that it has a similar effect to the oil but it adds no fat and no calories to the food.

I even carry this over to my baked dinners. When I cook a chicken in the oven, instead of putting oil in the bottom of the oven pan, I fill it with water. This keeps the chicken moist without adding oil. A whole chicken will have its own fat. Every now and then during the cooking of the chicken, I check to see if the water has evaporated and re-fill as needed.

Using A Griller

Grilling food can also be a great way to do low fat cooking.

For those that love their meat, but not the fat, grilling can get rid of the fat by allowing it to drip into a tray while also cooking the meat.

Grilling is great for those high fat meat items, such as commercially bought sausages and meat paddies. If you use a griller like this one, you can squeeze out most of the fat before you eat it !

Low Fat Cooking With The Microwave

While cooking using your microwave can be difficult if you’re not familiar with microwave cooking techniques, there is plenty of material out there on how to cook everything from roasts to cakes in the microwave.

It may also be best to consult the manual that goes with your microwave oven, as the power of each microwave oven differs.

Because food is cooked differently in the microwave, food will retain more of its vitamins and minerals.

A perfect example of low fat cooking is steaming vegetables in the microwave. The vegetables cook faster and because no water has touched them, the vegetables will have lost less vitamins and minerals and picked up no calories or fat in the process of cooking.