Your Guide to Perfect Romantic Vacation or Honeymoon

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You are getting ready to invest time, money and emotional energy in this honeymoon or romantic vacation. It is good to put some time into planning the trip. The perfect romantic vacation starts off with romance. OK, got that part taken care of. Next comes the vacation part. For guys, the next question is usually to surprise or not to surprise. My advice is to plan it with her help.

I have no problem suggesting a surprise gift, a surprise gesture, or the occasional surprise night out, but a vacation involving at least one overnight stay should be planned together. You are getting ready to spend some serious time and money on a get-a-way for the two of you and you want it to be perfect. It will be hard for her to have the perfect time (and pay more attention to you) if she is missing an important piece of jewelry, toiletry, clothing (I know what you are thinking – not all of her clothes), or make-up. You want her to feel good about herself and the two of you together and it will be nearly impossible if she does not plan the trip with you. Before you sit down and discuss it with her, you ought to decide what you want to do on the vacation (besides that) and where you want to go. Then sit down together and figure out the best romantic vacation for the two of you. Be prepared to negotiate and compromise.

Whether you are dating, engaged, newlywed, or married for some time, the first thing you should decide is what things you want to do on your romantic vacation. My wife is a “go and see it” person. She likes to travel and see what is there that is not in her own back yard. I am a “go and do it” person. I like to travel, but I want to do something during the trip. Decide this before you decide to go to Hawaii, the Bahamas or Paducah, Kentucky. We once went to Rochester, NY where I was to attend a seminar on investing. The seminar was my “go and do it”. We stopped in Toronto, Canada for a couple of days and the Shoe Museum there was her “go and see it”. While in Toronto, we found this quaint lingerie shop where I persuaded her to make some purchases. This was fun for both of us!

Your Guide to Perfect Romantic Vacation or Honeymoon

Great, you have each decided what types of things you want to do and where you can compromise. Now decide where to do these things! Personally, the next thing I look at is the bank account. Not romantic now, but the best romantic vacation or honeymoon is the one that does not follow you home in the form of credit card bills. If you have the cash and want to romance her in Germany for a week, go for it. However, keep in mind that your love for her should not be measured by the bucks you spend. If that is her only guide for your love, find another girl as you may never be able to spend enough. Along those lines, you still be able to go to your favorite spot at a price you can afford if you go during the “off” season. My wife and I go to Florida in August when it is too hot for most people and the rates are better. Since we are both comfortable in 85-degree heat with some humidity, we are happy and the travel industry is happy! At this point, your romantic vacation has been determined by what you want to do and where you want to go. The next thing is transportation.

How do you want to get to your destination(s)? If you really wanted to cruise somewhere and all your see-it and do-its are in the package, you choice is pretty simple. If you are traveling a distance by any other means, you will either fly or take the train . The text links will take you pages with more information on each. Overall, if you are flying , make reservations well in advance and get to the airport early. Missing your flight to Cancun is not conducive to creating the perfect romantic vacation. Taking the train will take some planning, but keep in mind that there are some great romantic train trips in North America.

Finally, decide where to stay . Although the major hotel chains are great, a travel agent or web site can help you find a bed and breakfast or a quaint, well run, family hotel at your destination that is a bit more romantic. Keep in mind that nearly every hotel will have a romantic get-away package or a honeymoon suite if you ask for it – so ask for it!

Overall, the perfect romantic vacation can be yours with just a bit of work. You need to plan the things that each of you like to do, figure out where to do them, how to get there and where to stay. If you follow these few suggestions, you should have a romantic vacation or honeymoon that will have warm memories attached to it for years to come.