Your Personal Wealth Strategy is Your Key to Financial Freedom

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There are many different ideas for a personal wealth strategy, and each individual has their own formula (or lack of one). The most fortunate thing we can do is be blessed with experience of those who have already created wealth themselves, and learn from it.

The experts who are worth their salt, have already created an abundance of personal wealth in their lives already. The idea is to follow the path of least resistance and learn from someone who has already made it and that makes complete sense.

If you’re busily looking for a new personal wealth strategy, then you can pretty much stop now. Because there isn’t any “new ways” to become abundant financially. Rather put all your energy into what Anthony Robbins calls “Modelling” which is where you look at those who are already successful in what you’re trying to achieve and do exactly as they are. Better yet, if you can interview them or have them as your personal mentor, you could get to your goals even faster.

This goes for any goal in life, not just in creating a personal wealth strategy.

Your Personal Wealth Strategy is Your Key to Financial Freedom

Your key to succeeding in your own quest to success will be to look at what you already love to do, and what you’re already very skilled at. Then you can mould those skills / passions into a business or job that will bring you the best rate of return and that return is the clay you can then use to sculpt the beautiful figurine we called wealth.

All along you’ll be following a model of someone who is an expert in the industry that you are also good at, maybe there’s and opportunity for both of you to work together? Maybe not…

But whatever you end up doing, you need to compete against and look up to those who are already where you want to be, study them, watch the ads they insert in newspapers, magazines, how they answer their phones, go into their store posing as a customer (not too often though, be warned on this one), and try and immerse yourself in their world. Then you’ll have the experience to make your personal wealth strategy work quite well for you and with the highest chance of success.