Your Questions About Shipping Pets Answered

Shipping pets by air is the safest and most convenient way to get a cat or dog from point A to point B, long distance. Pet air travel options are increasing and there are airlines that ship pets only so your furry loved ones do not have to be in cargo:

  • pet airline 1
  • pet airline 2

When your cat or dog is small enough to fit under the seat with you, many airlines will allow you to bring your pet as your carry-on baggage.

Some people prefer shipping pets other than by air. Interested in cat and dog transport by car, bus, train or by sea?

Pet transportation is for people relocating as well as for people going on vacation. Pet relocation is a straightforward, safe process when it is well-organized in advance. Here are the steps we recommend for shipping pets:

  • Ensure your dogs and cats have all the required and recommended vaccinations for your destination.
  • Ensure your cats and dogs meet or exceed immigration requirements so as to avoid being kept in quarantine. For example, when I shipped eight cats from Taipei to Seattle, the cats had their rabies vaccines, were indoors-only in Taiwan for a long time, and are indoor-only in SeaTac, thus they are in quarantine but they are also at home, so the cats have a non-traditional very positive quarantine experience. Please do your best to ensure that your destination area will have a quarantine agreement available that lets you continue to live with your pets.
  • You will need an official veterinary certificate of health for each animal you relocate.
  • Check with your point of departure. You need to have permission (based on your animals’ good health) to remove the animals from your country of origin.
  • The above combination of a health certificate and permission to leave functions as your pets’ passports. The airlines need to see this documentation to allow your cats and dogs to fly.

Your Questions About Shipping Pets Answered

The above steps are the basic ones to complete for any pet relocation. Additional tips for a smoother transition from Airpet Hotel:

  • For people moving to Portland or Seattle, our available services include an airport pick-up of your pets at any time of day.
  • We board cats and dogs safely, and let the animals have fun, while people moving into town find a place to live, unpack their boxes and get settled into their new homes.
  • For people leaving town, we board your dogs and cats while you pack and relocate, and when you are settled in your new location we handle pet shipping for you.

Airpet Hotel works with VIP Pet Relocation and we very frequently board pets for a few weeks to a month while their guardians handle the rest of what there is to relocate. Safe, reliable animal shipping is that part of relocation we handle for you.