Zermatt! Year-Round Mountain Fun

Sometimes thought of as too touristy, Zermatt is one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. Its primary focal point, the mighty Matterhorn, is also one of the best known mountain peaks in Europe or the world for that matter. However, when you step off the train into the quiet pedestrian village with its sunbaked, wooden, chalet style buildings, cobbled streets, and mountain fresh air, you know you are someplace that is going to be great. You are at the end of the line and surrounded by the Alps.

There are no roads leading into the resort so you can only reach it by train from Brig, Visp, or Täsch. From Brig catch the Glacier Express with its panorama cars for great views of the surrounding mountain scenery.

If you are driving, park in the big car park at Täsch (7.50 SF/day) and take the shuttle train into town (7.80 SF one-way). It runs every 20 minutes until 11 p.m. The train station is in the middle of town. The Tourist Information office is immediately to the right as you leave the tracks. The Elektro-taxi stand is just outside if you need a ride to your hotel.

The city has local electric buses and, since the village is fairly small, walking around town is easy. In winter you can ride the horse drawn sleighs. However, some of the condos and apartment buildings can be quite some distance from the shopping and restaurants. Although tiny, Zermatt boasts 13,000+ beds.

Ski season is the busy time of year in Zermatt. That’s what most people go there to do…ski. In fact, you can ski all year long. While your friends and family are summer hiking the mountain slopes in their shorts and t-shirts, you can be skiing on the glacial ice at the foot of the Matterhorn between 9,500 and 12,750 feet.

Zermatt! Year Round Mountain Fun

Zermatt is bursting with hundreds of high quality shops, restaurants and hotels. When you are hungry, finding an excellent restaurant is no problem. The prices vary widely, but most of the restaurants post an English menu outside the door. You will also find amazing pastry shops to quiet your sweet-tooth. Coffee, however, comes in small cups with no free refills.

If you like night-life, there are plenty of places to spend the dark hours dancing, drinking, and talking with newly made friends. Nighttime is a happy parade of people wandering the narrow streets and alleys exploring shops, eating late, and just enjoying all Zermatt has to offer.

From either Geneva or Zurich the trip will take 4-5 hours.